Treatment Prices & Fees (updated April 2019)

NHS fees

NHS treatment is charged according to the work done per course of treatment. The fees are set by the Department of Health and are payable by everyone entitled to NHS treatment in England unless you have a valid exemption or are under 18 years old. For further information, contact the practice.  Proof of exemption will be required.

NHS fees from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

Band 1 and Urgent:   £22.70

Band 2                      :   £62.10

Band 3                      :  £269.30

Private fees

The prices for Dental Treatment at our surgery are set out below and these prices are intended as a guide to our current fees. Treatment costs may vary according to the complexity of the work.

and Diagnosis
Consultation excluding  x-rays £30 Full acrylic dentures from £450 per arch
Intraoral x-ray and report  £10 Full dentures from £750 per arch
O.P.G x-ray and report £35 Cobalt chrome dentures from £650
 Flexible dentures from  £450per arch
Scale & Polish
Hygienist £44/£46 Crowns & Veneers
Dentist from £70  Porcelain bonded crowns from  £400
Failed appointments will be subject to a charge per 15 minutes failed £30 Gold crowns excl. cost of metal  £600
 Fillings Zirconia from  £450
Amalgam fillings from  £40 Veneers from £350
White fillings from  £60
 Teeth Whitening (At home)
 £250 Implants including crown from £1,600
Implant consultation  £50
 Root Fillings Sinus Graft excl. bone £500
 Incisors and Pre-Molar  £150 Bone graft £350
 Molars from  £300
Cosmetic Treatments  
Extractions Wrinkle Reduction from  £170
Non-surgical extractions from £75 Dermal Fillers
per syringe
Surgical extractions from  £150 Lip Enhancement £200
Chemical Peel from £60
Fixed Braces 2 arches  from £3000 IS AVAILABLE FOR
Invisible braces  from £1800 SUITABILITY OF
Removable braces from  £500 COSMETIC TREATMENT
Retainers from £120


Payment is requested on the 1st visit when an estimate of your treatment cost will be given.  We accept cash and debit cards at no extra cost. Credit card payments will only be accepted for a single payment of £100 or more for PRIVATE treatment only.

Disclaimer: Please note that whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices on this page and update prices regularly, due to costs, prices may fluctuate.